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Blue Skies


We are the family of JEREMY DAVID STOVALL, a remarkable and beloved young man who left this world far too soon. He was a man who exhibited faith, hope, and love, and would light up any room he entered. He was always positive and always encouraged others to reach their full potential.


Jeremy was also a proud 2011 graduate of Belleville High School, located in Belleville, Michigan. Jeremy knew the value of higher education.He attended North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University, where he studied Applied Mathematics, and later received a bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management. As an out of state college student he faced some financial challenges. Out-of- state tuition fees and limited support while being in another state were sometimes a heavy burden to bear. But he didn’t allow those burdens to block his goals. 


Not long after graduation, Jeremy was hired as one of the youngest supervisors at the Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant. He was also an entrepreneur. He was the co-founder of Valid Offers, a real estate business. He also was a co owner of Crafted Beanery coffee shop in downtown Belleville. Although Jeremy was a go-getter chasing his dreams, he knew he had a bigger purpose. As he so eloquently stated, “I’m only on this earth to love, give, uplift, and inspire. Tragically, Jeremy’s efforts were cut short by a drunk driver on January 26, 2020, as he was driving to work. Because of the way Jeremy lived his life, and testimonials we have received from friends, family, and his co workers, we know that he was truly living out those principles. The Jeremy D. Stovall Splurge Foundation was created to continue Jeremy’s legacy. We adopted Jeremy’s purpose and made it our own.

Our Story

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